"...North America’s leading manufacturer
of propane motor
fuel tanks..."

Supplying Propane Motor Fuel Tanks that Meet
the Highest Technical and Quality Standards.

SLEEGERS is North America’s leading manufacturer of propane motor fuel tanks for propane vehicle conversions. SLEEGERS is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier to clients who demand the highest in technical capability and quality standards.

SLEEGERS tanks are built to ASME and CSA standards. Brackets are designed and fabricated to meet the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction including, NFPA 58, CSA B149.5, Railroad Commission of Texas, or Title 13 of California.

SLEEGERS tanks Features and Benefits

Tanks Designed for 250 and 312 psi
Powder Coat Paint
Brass Float Gauge complete with Stainless Steel Screws
Viton Gasket in Float Gauge
Recessed Float Gauge
All Couplings 3000 lbs Rating
Brackets designed to aid in installation and supplied with tank
Computerized Pneumatic Testing
Equipped with Brass Valving
Vapour Box
Heavy Duty Brackets (available on request)

Canadian Sales
SLEEGERS partners with National Energy Equipment and MaxQuip to distribute our automotive propane tanks with availability across Canada:

National Energy Equipment: 1-866-574-5100
MaxQuip: 1-877-574-3835 (Willie Stephen)

US Sales
SLEEGERS ships automative propane tanks direct to OEM customers in the United States. For more information contact us at 519-685-7444 or click here.

Toroidal Tanks for the North American Market

SLEEGERS has an exclusive agreement with ICOM S.p.A to distribute toroidal tanks for the North American vehicle conversion market. This innovative tank design offers a number of benefits including fitting in the space reserved for the spare tire and increased safety with the valves protected in the central cavity of the tank. SLEEGERS is currently in the process of engineering, designing and certifying toroidal tanks for use in North America.