From Apr 4th-7th, we had the opportunity to participate and display our companies’ great products at the NPGA SE Expo.

In addition to our beautiful display, we had a couple of interesting neighbors: Roush, and a brand-new Blue Bird Bus from North Carolina.

Susan Roush-McClenaghan, part of the ROUSH Drag Racing Team, was at the show, displaying her 2010 Roush Mustang which is powered by a supercharged 5.0 Coyote engine and runs on Propane that is equipped with a custom SLEEGERS tank.

Experience the future of propane cylinder exchange with SLEEGERS’ next generation propane exchange kiosks. Designed to revolutionize the way customers access propane, these state-of-theart kiosks redefine convenience and efficiency. Offering 24/7 accessibility, with transactions completed in under 1 minute,
customers can purchase or exchange their propane cylinder effortlessly. Features include 24/7 self-service convenience; touch-screen display featuring voice prompting animation; real-time transaction and inventory monitoring; online management portal for pricing, alerts, transaction reporting and more; multiple secure payment methods; and the ability to integrate up to three additional kiosks, increasing capacity to 96 cylinders.

SLEEGERS had a busy day at the Fanshawe Career Fair on March 6th. 

We continue to build our relationship with the Fanshawe community and spoke with a number of Welding, Engineering and Supply Chain students.  It was a very successful day.

From concept design to manufacturing, the engineering and production teams at SLEEGERS work with our customers to provide application-specific autogas fuel tanks and other ASME pressure vessels for OEM and aftermarket customers. SLEEGERS also designs and manufactures our patented line of propane cylinder exchange kiosks.

The SLEEGERS automated cylinder exchange kiosk enables customers to purchase or exchange propane cylinders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for an attendant. For 60 years, SLEEGERS
has invested our time and knowledge to support the development of a safe and healthy propane industry.

The London job fair was well attended by job seekers, with visitors arriving well before the official start time of 2pm.

Our team was very busy from 2pm-6pm. It was a great opportunity to share information about SLEEGERS and to speak to candidates looking for work now and in the future. We encourage anyone looking to join an amazing team to speak with us at future events.

In 1963, Peter J. Sleegers founded a machine shop called London Metalizing & Machining Company Limited, located at 406 First Street in London. That original operation evolved over the years into SLEEGERS Engineered Products Inc., a company now operating from a facility located at 5 Cuddy Blvd in London, which is 15 times the size of the original operations.

SLEEGERS Engineered Products Inc. strives to raise the standard for excellence in the pressure vessel and propane industries. By combining engineering skill sets and industry expertise with innovative thinking, SLEEGERS develops and delivers exceptional quality products and services to fit the emerging needs of tier one customers in Canada and the United States. We look forward to the continuing evolution of our company.

The London and Area Works Job Fair was very well attended by job seekers, and we were kept busy from 2pm-6pm. We went in focused on looking for Welders, a Material Handler, and a Receiving Administrator, but had the opportunity to chat with many other skills sets as well.  An overall successful recruiting event for SLEEGERS!

On February 13th SLEEGERS visited the Fanshawe Welding Class at the St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus. Members of our production team described their paths to their profession and what students could expect if they were working at SLEEGERS as welders. The students were then invited to visit our SLEEGERS facility in March.

On March 3rd, we welcomed the class for a tour of our production area and finished off the day with lunch and a fun welding competition. We hope through this partnership with Fanshawe St. Thomas, to encourage our welding artisans of the future to continue to pursue their passion.

SLEEGERS had a busy day at the Fanshawe Career Fair on March 8th.  There were 170 employers in attendance and 50 on a wait list.  It was a popular event! 

Our team met with students non-stop from 10am-2pm. We went in with our main goal of meeting Welding and Engineering students and created specific brochures for those opportunities; however, we also spoke with many Supply Chain Management students and Welding and Fabrication students interested in Summer and future Co-Op opportunities. It was a remarkably successful day.

The London and Area Works Job Fair provides an opportunity for our team to meet in person with top local talent. In 2022, our HR & Production teams had a wonderful time meeting with job seekers at White Oaks Mall and discussing the great opportunities SLEEGERS has to offer! We want you to work with us and encourage you to check our website regularly for newly posted opportunities.